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Air Duct Cleaning (What's Included)

· Cleaning all accessible “Supply” ducts

· Cleaning all accessible “return” ducts

· Cleaning all accessible “main trunk” ducts 

· Service the furnace

· Cleaning of the air handler/Blower compartment

· Cleaning of the A/C coils 

· Disinfectant Fog entire system 

· Wash all Return Grilles

One Price! Complete Service! When one things dirty it's all dirty! 


Dryer Vent Cleaning

Obstruction of the dryer vent is one of the leading causes of house fire. The accumulation of lint, clothing, dryer sheets and nests in the dryer vent can lead to the overheating of the vent. A clogged dryer vent isn’t only dangerous, but it also wastes resources such as electricity. AirCareUSA offers dryer vent Cleaning as an add-on service only. Our comprehensive dryer vent cleaning services eliminate the dangers associated with an obstructed dryer vent while preventing the wastage of resources.


UV Purification Light

Kills up to 99.9% of existing mold, mildew and airborne viruses and will prevent them from ever growing again and spreading. by killing and preventing airborne contaminants you will be less susceptible to allergies, asthma, breathing problems, headaches, dizziness, neurological problems and other long-term health problems caused by mold, mildew and airbone viruses. All our units has an electronic ballast and has a sight glass to see if unit is on. All Our bulbs are germicidal UVC and put out 253.7NM which means that they are 99% efficent on a single pass. 

Bait & Switch Warning!

Air Duct Cleaning Scams!

The most interesting part is that AirCareUSA sells the proper process. It’s unfortunate that there are some companies that prey upon an unsuspecting public, ripping off homeowners by making sweet promises. They start at a Very Low Price $29 to $99 even $160 to get in the door then they up pressure sell all the other services. This approach is referred to as Bait & Switch. At AirCareUSA, we don’t play such games. We have No Hidden Charges.